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Powerful yet easy-to-use electronic document review software and first pass online document review tools offered on-demand in the SaaS delivery model.

OnDemand®, formerly known as ImageDepot™, is an on-demand web-based litigation support software suite delivered over the internet as a service that supports litigation document hosting and first pass native review for electronic discovery. On-demand software, also referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), allows users immediate (quick peak) access to their data through a software subscription that requires no up front purchase.
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Resellers Wanted! We are looking for litigation support providers in select cities to join our reseller marketing program. If your litigation support company meets the following criteria: excellent reputation, operationally strong, solid client base and an interest in offering OnDemand® Native Review software to your clients, please contact us for details.

Our core component is the OnDemand® Online Native Review Tool, which is a powerful yet easy-to-use online litigation document repository designed by professionals from the litigation support document management industry. These industry veterans found a common theme throughout small to medium sized law firms in that, there were many litigation support document management and first pass electronic document review software packages on the market, but most required a significant up front capital investment for licensing fees, user fees and training.

Low cost of ownership.

OnDemand® on the other hand does not come with any of these up front capital expenses, as the software is offered as a service on a case-by-case (pay-per-use) basis. Meaning no expensive licensing or user fees are required. Simply pay a per page (or per gigabyte) data processing and load fee and then a monthly hosting fee, based on the pricing plan selected. Most subscription plans include six months to two years of hosting for no additional cost.

Software as a service (SaaS) benefits.

Another issue facing users of traditional electronic discovery and litigation support software that runs on a network or local PC is the ongoing expense in supporting and maintaining the software in regards to technical and administrative support personnel. The SaaS model on the other hand, benefits users as the company provides all maintenance, daily technical operation, and support for the software. On-demand net-native SaaS applications have continued to gain in popularity as applications are becoming more standardized and users realize that business processes and the data itself is what matters.

Contact us today to see why OnDemand® is one of the fastest growing electronic discovery and litigation support SaaS software solutions in the country.

Online Native Review Software

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Efficient Litigation Support Software

Supporting both first pass native electronic discovery files as well as Tiff and PDF documents, OnDemand® combines the accessibility and speed of the internet along with the highest level of security to produce an application that is easy-to-use and extremely fast for electronic discovery processing, document hosting and litigation document review.
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Since there is no software or hardware to purchase, becoming a client has little risk. We even allow you to try the Online Native Review out for a thirty-day risk free trial to see for yourself. If you try it, we are confident that you will never want to manage your litigation discovery documents any other way.
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To find a reseller near you, please contact us via email at , or phone at 877-595-6464.



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